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5 techniques for planning to buy a house , style First Jobber 2023

5 techniques for planning to buy a house , style First Jobber 2023

5 techniques for planning to buy a house , style First Jobber 2023

Although the current trend of renting condos for the younger generation Z tends to keep going up. Because the new generation has a lifestyle of living a life that does not like commitment. Carrying a long-term burden on home loans But there are still youngsters First Another group of Jobbers


who are still interested in investing in real estate both bought for own living and invest to create passive income stability for the future


In fact, the age of the children who are First Jobber is ideal to start investing in real estate. because the bank sees There is enough time to pay off the property. And the installment is not high because the age is not too much But many young people still don't know how to start investing in real estate. Concerned about the difficulty of obtaining a loan from the bank


Today, Brother Connex will give advice on how to start preparing comfortably in Gen Z style.


1. Prepare a financial plan


Let's start preparing for financial planning. what the bank is interested in is our financial discipline. which can be measured from the Statement, even if the new graduates have income starting at 15,000-20,000 baht, but that's not a problem in starting with a real estate loan.

✦ Evaluate your own strength well.

✦ Choose properties that are suitable for our income in the first place.

✦ We should have savings of at least 20% of the property price.

By trying to practice paying down a house or condo by saving money equal to the installment that we set a goal

✦ We will get both savings and beautiful numbers in the statement.

✦ The house price does not exceed 60 times the monthly income.

✦ Should have at least 2 credit cards. and pay on time

to build credibility with the credit bureau history Do not pay the minimum, because your Credit Score will fall, making it difficult to pass the bank's loan criteria.


2. Assess your own financial potential.


Little birds start nesting but enough to start with income. It is normal to have the first property. We want the best. But don't forget to choose to suit our income. Because we have to pay installments and it doesn't affect other expenses in life too. Let's say you have a salary of 20,000. You should choose assets that pay no more than 40% of your income, for example, if you have a salary of 20,000, you can pay a maximum home loan of 20,000 x 40% = 8,000 baht and if there are other debts such as credit card debt. Installment debt, car payments, etc., the ability to pay off the house per month will be reduced. As a result, the amount of credit that can be borrowed is small. or make it more difficult to borrow to buy a house which in finding a good price property for starting the first property You can talk to Connex to consult and find a house or condo at a good price.


3. Debt planning (good)


Good debt is debt that makes cash flow should release the burden for us. in the beginning You may be afraid of going into debt. have to bear the burden for another 30 years but in reality There are many different financial techniques. who can help children Pay off the first real estate debt than you thought. In this regard, Brother Connex will write an article. Delve into the method in the next article, but I will say that the first piece of property I want to focus on buying for investment, would it be better if our property able to find tenants to bring rent to help us ease the burden of installments and bring the money that we have prepared to pay back to cover more Diligently refinance every 3 years. This technique will help you get rid of your first debt faster than expected.


Therefore, finding a property in a good location for renting is very important. and even if the children bought it for their own living It's still a good choice. Because if you consult to find assets that speculate in a good future with Brother Connex can guarantee that Buy and hold to live by yourself for 10 years, there is no loss.


4. Burodee can be built


History of Burodee has won more than half. Young people who just started working and are just excited about Statement Hurry up to make many credit cards until it can't be rotated in time. Having a credit card isn't a bad thing. but must have discipline to manage spending well An iron rule that absolutely forbidden to do. If you want to borrow through

✦ Don't pay just the minimum.

✦ Pay on time

✦ Don't overdue

Whether it's a credit card, a car loan, or whatever, these 3 items are iron rules that you have to do with discipline if you want to get a home loan. And in 1 year, don't ask for more than 2 bureau checks. because of frequent requests The bank will see that eh? Are we hot for money? why frequent

Asking often will give us credit. Our score dropped Until I can't recover.


5. Work patiently


Don't change jobs too often. Applying for a loan will be brackish even though the bank is mainly interested in our financial discipline. But work history is another thing that banks are interested in. The minimum work that can apply for a loan is 6-12 months (depending on the loan criteria of each bank)

Because the bank itself wants to ensure that We will have the potential to be able to Send bank installments throughout the coast You may have questions that to change jobs often But my finances are spotless, brother. Do you know that changing jobs before 6-12 months? 3 months change 4 months change Causing many people to fall from horses to death So... take it easy, slowly put your pieces together in life. So that we can be stable and wealthy in every aspect.


How are you? If you or your readers have questions about buying a house, condo, would like to consult further. You can say hello to come in, talk and ask questions.

At Connex property, we are more than just an agent for buying and selling rentals. We provide advice to investors and also have good assets waiting for everyone to scoop up a lot of profits.

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