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10 Trees You Shouldn t Plant in Your Home (If you don t want the house to be ruined and unlucky)

10 Trees You Shouldn t Plant in Your Home (If you don t want the house to be ruined and unlucky)

1. Lobster


It is a perennial plant that spreads very wide branches. The deep and spreading roots permeate the house's underground structure with great danger. Although the leaves of this tree spread wide, creating good shade. But if you can't plan your planting There may be a problem with our neighbors or the structure of our house.


2. Phaya Sattabun tree


Another popular tree planted But if you don't plan and have enough space roots of this tree There is a lot of danger to the house structure as well. As a perennial plant, it takes root deeply and extends its roots both deep and horizontally. If planted far enough from the house It may penetrate the underground structure. of the house easily as well Also, the smell of this tree's blossoms may disturb neighbors.


3. Banyan tree


The banyan tree is a perennial plant that can grow very large. roots of this tree It is very dangerous to the house structure. If planted not far enough because the roots of this tree spread both horizontally and deeply rooted The leaves and branches are dense. It is a good habitat for many dangerous animals.

Not just birds, but snakes and other poisonous creatures may live. Not ideal for growing indoors


4. Bodhi tree


The Bodhi tree is another perennial that grows very large. The roots are strong in cultivating both deep and horizontal soil surfaces. Branches can spread more. create opacity It may also be home to dangerous animals like the banyan tree.


5. Jamjuree tree


another perennial That should not be planted in the house as much. because of the expansion of this tree The trunk stretches to a height of 20 meters. The umbrella-shaped canopy spreads wide. It is a tree with large branches, a dense canopy, so small trees should not be planted at the base of the tree. because it will be completely blocked from the sun Importantly, this tree is not suitable for planting in a small area.


6. Lan Thom tree


medium perennial But it can grow up to 15 meters as well. It is a wood that, in addition to having an unlucky name. There is also a hidden danger that comes with the rubber of this flower as well. Especially homes with young children. with the beauty of flowers If children accidentally put them in their mouths, they can be life-threatening.


7. Tonsoke

Just the name is not auspicious. It's not suitable to plant leaves around the house, right? But there is another reason why it should not be planted physically. Although the flowers of this plant are beautiful. But it's a dangerous beauty. Because the roots of this tree are deeply rooted and dig into the soil. takes up a lot of space to grow In addition, various poisonous animals like to rely on large trees like the sorrel tree to live as well.


8. Ton Rak

Even if the name sounds positive But the resin of this tree is very dangerous. If planted in the home area Dangerous for homes with young children. because it is not a large shrub Easy to access for children who may be mischievous. to play or accidentally caught

The dangers of love trees If accidentally ingested, it can be life-threatening. There is also a belief that the love tree will make love complicated and become very love.


9. The opera tree

Just hearing the name is not auspicious, it should definitely be planted in the house area. because it is a large tree There are thorns all over the tree. Although the flowers of this plant are beautiful and edible. It is not suitable to be planted in the house as well. A house with small children, if they are out of sight, run and play carelessly. may run into this type of tree until it is definitely dangerous


10. Ton Rakam

In some areas, Rakram trees are planted because the geography is suitable for cultivation. But this type of plant is suitable to be planted outside the house only. The word "Rakam" means traumatized, painful, heartbreaking. The ancients believed that if planted, they would be traumatized all the time, unhappy.

There are only things that make me sad all the time. Besides, the tree is a bush, broken into clumps, and the trunk has a lot of thorns. If you get close, it could be fatal.



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