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The end of the era of posting, selling, renting out

The end of the era of posting, selling, renting out

✅ If you want to sell, want to release quickly, you need to do these 3 things.


1. Real estate information must be accurate.


◉ Property information must be clear. Whether to sell or rent any type of property, houses, townhomes, commercial buildings, post clearly and post to match the target group.

◉ You are all responsible but are often overlooked because of the baggage or requirements required for property regulations near anything. How to park near the mall, school, university or what neighbors?

For clarity in choosing to use all public transportation if your property is under the electric train line Who needs to indicate that the stations are approaching or not? so that you own the offer and these terms.

◉ Facilities, which you must comply with the following requirements, please be aware that as a customer of our property, what facilities are available, please specify clearly. Do not forget to specify for the following terms and conditions.


2. The picture must be perfect for the shade.


◉ Take clear photos which callers receive these information that are important but are often overlooked in property posts by opening the curtain for callers to see more beautiful images. Use any special techniques to complicate any time for the case that natural light must be seen and followed.


◉ see every corner of the room It is important to see clearly from every corner of the room how spacious our room is and what it contains. Here's how to help you make decisions about your belongings or requests.


◉ See clearly the furniture that needs to be serviced by the owner or not. Giving in the event that there are certain baggage and mascots that will be required to confirm things. that need to be done before doing homework some of the owners


3. Deposit with a broker


◉ Choose a professional broker with a realtor ready to market to the owner. But how do you know that the broker will work for you with real experience and not scammers?

Have previous redundancy checks been required? clear or not Your property will be rented out and due to be sold in the hands of a professional realtor.

Because the broker will be the custodian and bring in the property to rent and sell the property to the customer.


◉ Take care until you worry about the hassle of having to open the room yourself, just use the broker service. The agent will ask for help from the guest and ask for the deposit from viewing the property. The rest made a contract to close the sale.


◉ Fair Contract Peace of mind when depositing with a professional broker Because the broker will take care of contracts that are fair, take care of both parties, keep taking various actions. Giving or that the owner is not convenient to do it himself


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