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Find Your Ideal Rent Condo in Bangkok: Stylish Options for Every Budget

Are you looking to rent a condo in Bangkok but need help figuring out where to start or what it will cost? You’re not alone. From budget-friendly studios to luxury penthouses, Bangkok’s condo market offers a spectrum of choices for every renter. This article provides essential insights into average prices, desirable locations, and the step-by-step process of securing your ideal rental condo in Bangkok, simplifying your search from start to finish. 

Rent Condo Bangkok

Key Takeaways

  • The Bangkok condo rental market offers diverse options, from pet-friendly amenities to luxury features. Location, amenities, and building quality influence rental prices.
  • Security and connectivity are crucial when renting Bangkok condos. Secure transactions, reliable real estate agents, and proximity to public transportation and amenities are all critical considerations.
  • The renting process in Bangkok generally involves visualization of the property, lease negotiation, and security deposit submission, catering to various budgets and lifestyles with varying amenities.

Rent Condo Bangkok

Navigating the Bangkok Condo Rental Market

Given the 1,500 square kilometers of Bangkok, the Bangkok condo rental market is diverse across locations. The price can range from 8,000 baht per month for a plain studio unit in suburban areas to over 100,000 baht for a luxury penthouse downtown unit. There are plenty of options to cater to your needs, from a plain condo with minimal amenities for budget-constrained renters, a pet-friendly condo for pet enthusiasts, or a duplex condo for those who seek house-like accommodation.

Consider factors such as the age and quality of the building, proximity to amenities like shopping malls, and the condo area. These elements play a significant role in deciding the rental price and size of condos in Bangkok as you go ahead with your search.

Secure Proceeding and Site Connection

When it comes to renting condos in Bangkok, security is paramount. So, conducting all transactions securely is very important. I suggest working with reputable agents and secure websites that provide updated Bangkok real estate market data.

This not only ensures that your transactions are secure but also provides you with accurate and reliable information about the property market. In this digital age, a secure site connection is vital. Thus, connecting with reliable sources is non-negotiable for a safe and seamless rental experience.

Convenient Location and Easy Access

Location is everything when it comes to renting a condo in Bangkok. A good location should have the following features:

  • Proximity to public transportation like BTS or MRT
  • Easy access to various facilities like shopping malls, healthcare, or entertainment hubs.
  • Good community and neighborhood
  • Options for river views

A condo with these features is likely to enhance your living experience.

One such area is Asoke, which is widely considered the most convenient location in Bangkok for public transport. It offers access to various transit options, enabling easy mobility throughout the city. Plus, public transportation options in Bangkok like:

  • BTS (Skytrain)
  • MRT (subway)
  • River taxi networks
  • Air-conditioned buses

We offer extensive coverage for residents and tourists to navigate the city.

Rent Condo Bangkok

Condo Types and Amenities in Bangkok

Bangkok's condo market is as diverse as the city, offering various options to cater to different lifestyles and budgets. You can find everything from luxurious residences to more economical options like space-efficient studios or apartments. Many of these condos come equipped with modern appliances, such as a fridge, microwave oven, TV, etc., to address residents' needs.

Rental rates in Bangkok can be highly variable, starting at less than 10,000 baht per month and increasing based on location and the level of luxury provided. You can find the perfect place to rent in Bangkok by carefully considering your budget and preferences.

Luxury condominiums in Bangkok usually offer high-end amenities such as:

  • Sky-high swimming pools
  • Exceptional pool areas
  • Modern fitness centers
  • Beautifully crafted gardens
  • Barbecue zones
  • Inclusive 5-star concierge services

New Condos and Luxury Residences

Bangkok's luxury residences offer unparalleled amenities and prime locations for those seeking the crème de la crème of condo living. High-end condominium buildings like:

  • 185 Rajadamri
  • Four Seasons Residences
  • Sukhothai Residences
  • Sindhorn Residences
  • The Ritz-Carlton Residences at Mahanakhorn

These are just a few examples. The average cost of a luxury condo in Bangkok ranges from 150,000 to 200,000 baht or more, depending on the level of luxury and location.

Penthouses are not restricted to luxury condos; they are also available in various condominium buildings. To find one, consider contacting a well-known agent who can furnish the required information and assist you throughout the process.

Affordable Options: Studios and Apartments

If you're looking for more affordable options, Bangkok has plenty to offer. The city's studio apartments and condos are perfect for living comfortably without breaking the bank. The average rental rates for these properties vary from 10,000 to 30,000 THB per month, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious renters.

Areas like the central business district of Bangkok, the city fringe, and the Onnut suburb are known for providing some of the most affordable condominium options. These condos typically come in sizes ranging from 25–35 sqm and provide essential amenities such as:

  • gyms
  • pools
  • on-site shops
  • gardens
  • fitness centers
  • proximity to a shopping mall

rent condo bangkok

Popular Areas for Renting Condos in Bangkok

Certain areas stand out when renting condos in Bangkok due to their popularity among expats and locals. Sukhumvit Road, for instance, is in high demand due to its diverse range of accommodation options, abundance of public facilities, and strategic location that connects to other critical areas of Bangkok. However, Sukhumvit Road isn't the only hot spot in town.

Areas like Sathon, Silom, Rama 9, Ratchada, Huai Kwang, Ladprao, and Phayathai are experiencing growth and are among the most popular areas for renting condos. Other well-known areas for renting condos include Rama 4, Pratunam, Ratchathewi, Ramkamhaeng, Thonburi, Phetkasem, etc.

Sukhumvit Road and Surrounding Districts

Sukhumvit Road and its surrounding districts are popular choices for condo rentals in Bangkok. The area has seen the emergence of 5-star hotels, upscale dining establishments, and high-end residential buildings like the Nana, Asoke, Phrom Phong, or Thonglor area, indicating its evolution into a dynamic modern district.

Historically known for its nightlife, Nana has transformed into a diverse residential area that offers an interesting mix of amenities and is relatively more affordable than other areas in Early Sukhumvit (part of Sukhumvit road that covers Siam, Chidlom, Nana, Ploenchit till Asoke). Whether you’re interested in luxurious amenities or vibrant nightlife, the Nana area has something to offer everyone.

Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, consider moving into one of Bangkok's emerging neighborhoods. Areas like:

  • Ari
  • Saphan Khwai
  • Chatuchak
  • Ha Yaek Ladprao
  • Sathorn
  • Pathum Wan
  • Rama 9 - Ratchada
  • Riverside - Thonburi
  • Udom Suk - Bangna
  • Phra Khanong

have recently become appealing for condo rentals.

One such area is On Nut, which is gaining recognition as a hub for young expats. With its modern and affordable condominium buildings, proximity to the BTS station, and vibrant dining and drinking options, It is quickly becoming a sought-after area in Bangkok.

rent condo bangkok

Tips for Finding the Perfect Condo in Bangkok

Finding the perfect condo in Bangkok can be tiring due to the lack of knowledge. However, adopting an efficient strategy can turn it into a gratifying experience. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Conduct comprehensive property research
  2. Establish a budget range
  3. Determine critical requirements such as location preferences, desired amenities, and space requirements.
  4. Survey shortlisted properties.

Following these steps, you can streamline your search and find the perfect condo in Bangkok.

Inviting a well-known real estate agent into the process can ensure smoother transactions. They bring:

  • A profound understanding of the market
  • Adept negotiation abilities
  • Legal expertise
  • Extensive access to property listings
  • Support in securing favorable deals
  • Valuable insights into market prices and valuations
  • Guidance on appropriate rental/sale prices

Establishing Your Budget and Priorities

Setting a budget is the initial step in locating a condo that fits your requirements. When setting a budget for renting condos in Bangkok, consider factors like:

  • location requirements
  • room size
  • desired facilities
  • Decoration standard

The monthly cost of an average condo rental in Bangkok ranges between 15,000 baht and 25,000 baht, making it essential to evaluate potential properties carefully.

Location, size, amenities, and decoration standards also play a significant role in determining the rental price of condos. For instance, condos within walking distance from certain BTS Skytrain stations can be priced 20-30% higher than comparable non-walking distances. A similar concept applies to differing decoration standards, amenities, and room sizes.

Working with a Reputable Agent

Collaborating with a well-known real estate agent like Connex Property ( can simplify and streamline your condo-hunting experience in Bangkok. They comprehensively understand the real estate market, various areas, and specific properties.

Agents not only assist in negotiating competitive rental prices but also provide the following services:

  • Legal advice
  • Documentation support
  • Market insights and analysis
  • Efficient property search

They also utilize their understanding of the Bangkok market to aid in negotiating the best prices, ensuring that you secure the most favorable rental deal.

rent condo bangkok

The Rental Process in Bangkok

Once you've found a condo that meets your needs, the next step is to initiate the rental process. This typically involves arranging a viewing by contacting the rental agency through their designated contact form and submitting your identification, usually a passport or Thai ID card.

During the viewing, feel free to ask any questions to gain a thorough understanding of the condominium. The concluding procedures entail submitting a security deposit, typically amounting to two months' rent and one month's rent in advance.

It's also important to arrange for a thorough cleaning of the condominium and to request any essential services, such as air conditioning maintenance, before making the payment.

Searching for Condos and Scheduling Viewings

  • Digital platforms like Connex Property ( can be beneficial in your search for condos in Bangkok. They offer detailed property information, maps, and photos to assist you.
  • Allocating a minimum of two weeks to schedule viewings for condos in Bangkok is recommended to ensure sufficient time to see various properties and make informed decisions. To schedule multiple condominium viewings efficiently, consider the following:
  • Pre-identifying preferred areas
  • Searching for local condominiums or apartments
  • Attempting to schedule viewings that are near each other to minimize travel time.

When inspecting condominiums in Bangkok, factors to consider include:

  • Location
  • Unit size
  • Amenities offered
  • The type of condo
  • The developer's track record
  • Available payment plans

Negotiating Terms and Signing the Lease

Once you locate the ideal condo, you can negotiate the terms and sign the lease. Lease terms for condominiums in Bangkok generally span 12 months or longer, and lease agreements typically fall within 1 to 3 years.

The typical security deposit for condominiums in Bangkok usually equals two months' worth of rent, although it may increase to 3 months' deposit based on the location. To negotiate the rental price effectively, it's advisable to:

  • Emphasize your reputable background
  • Inquire about the negotiability of the price
  • Comprehend the inclusions in the rent
  • Research market prices
  • Confidently engage in the negotiation process as a customary practice in the rental market.

rent condo bangkok

Living in Your Bangkok Condo

Residing in a Bangkok condo can be a thrilling experience. Residents in Bangkok condo buildings can typically enjoy a variety of amenities, including:

  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness centers
  • Outdoor gardens with barbecue areas
  • Cinema screening rooms
  • Sports courts such as racket sports courts, cycling tracks, and ball game pitches/courts

Consider contacting the property agency or the landlord directly for maintenance and repairs. In certain instances, the agent who facilitated your rental agreement may also serve as a point of contact for such matters.

Paying utility bills in Bangkok condos is quite simple. The water bill is typically settled each month directly at the apartment office, usually in cash. Water expenses are relatively low, with the monthly bill for a condo rarely exceeding 150 Baht for one person's use. The electricity is billed directly from the Electricity Authority every month, and tenants can settle the payment through an official mobile app of the Electricity Authority or at convenience stores like Seven-Eleven.

Building Amenities and Services

Renting a condo in Bangkok provides a living space and grants you access to many building amenities and services. Typical building amenities found in condominiums in Bangkok include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness centers
  • Outdoor gardens
  • Barbecue areas
  • Cinema screening rooms
  • Kids' playrooms
  • Spas
  • Sky-high swimming pools with panoramic city views
  • Co-working space

Moreover, residents may avail of the following amenities and services:

  • Library
  • Garden
  • Playground
  • Rooftop pool
  • Sauna
  • Additional services such as limousine service, butler services, maid service, cable TV, and internet

The maintenance fees cover the maintenance of these facilities and the expenses related to building management services.

Additionally, the level of security in Bangkok condo buildings is generally high, commonly including 24/7 security guards and extensive CCTV surveillance.

Handling Maintenance and Repairs

Dwelling in a condo implies that maintenance and repair issues will occasionally arise. The responsibility for addressing minor issues in the condominium, such as malfunctioning lightbulbs, typically falls on the tenant. As for more significant matters, landlords in Bangkok are legally obliged to undertake cleaning, maintenance, or replacement of damaged property within and around the dwelling.

Everyday maintenance issues in Bangkok condominiums typically include lost keys and access cards, forgetting to pay utilities, and broken or loose items in the building or common areas. To handle these issues effectively, tenants can contact building management through property management companies or ask for help from a designated real estate agency, such as Connex Property.

Security guards and juristic persons within Bangkok condominiums can provide additional support in handling package deliveries and addressing maintenance and repair issues. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free living experience in your Bangkok condo.


Bangkok's condo market offers many options, catering to different budgets and lifestyle preferences. From luxury residences to affordable studios, from popular areas like Sukhumvit Road to up-and-coming neighborhoods like Rama 9 – Huai Kwang or Ladprao, you'll find a condo that matches your needs.

Whether you're just starting your condo search or are already signing a lease, this guide offers valuable insights into the Bangkok condo rental market. Remember, finding the perfect condo is not just about location and price but also the services, amenities, and overall living experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should be considered when establishing a budget for renting a condo in Bangkok?

When establishing a budget for renting a condo in Bangkok, consider budget range, location requirements, size, and desired facilities. These elements are crucial in making informed decisions.

What advantages does one gain from engaging a reputable real estate agent when searching for a condominium in Bangkok?

Engaging a reputable real estate agent in Bangkok offers benefits such as market knowledge, negotiation skills, legal expertise, access to property listings, and assistance securing favorable deals, providing valuable support in the condominium search.

What are the initial steps to initiate the rental process for a condo in Bangkok?

To start the rental process for a condo in Bangkok, you should contact the rental agency to arrange a viewing and submit your identification, such as a passport or Thai ID card. This will help you initiate the process smoothly without any delays.

What digital tools are available for searching for condos in Bangkok?

You can use websites like Connex Property ( for detailed property information, maps, and photos to help with your condo search in Bangkok.

Who is responsible for addressing minor issues in my condominium in Bangkok, and what are the landlords' legal responsibilities regarding maintenance and repairs?

The tenant is responsible for addressing minor issues like malfunctioning lightbulbs in the condominium. At the same time, landlords in Bangkok are legally obligated to handle cleaning, maintenance, or repairs of damaged property within and around the dwelling.